my catz


here's some pictures of my petz! most of them are now long lost to corruption, but i luv them all the same


here's Do Not Be Afraid ( the angel cat ) and corry, before they both tragically corrupted.

this was Marsh! x) I don't remember exactly how he was related to the others, but he is also lost. He was my favorite, too..

just about the whole family before the incident! i can't even remember all their names now.


do not be afraid, corry, and one of their many kittens

garden playdates

Fortunately, corry wasn't just a hex but a breedfile- I was able to get her back, as well as do not be afraid. It will never be the same, though.

HAI! its been a while! its 8/13/2020, 2 days before my birthday actually!!! i have made new Fucker! she's a feral irken and she's my new mascot.

isnt she so cute? yes her name is actually Fucker.

this section will update as our journy continuez!