here are some of my catz breeds

please do not edit them without asking me first


angel catpetz 5.

they are russian blue based, and only has one varient. her wings move awkwawrdly with her body, but she is one of my earlier hexes. the halo is a prop and does not come with the breed.

lovecore catpetz 5.

they are siamese based. right out of the adoption center, they have 3 variations, and have a heart on their chest. this may be updated later. the wings on these are also a bit wonky.

TALLEST RED & PURPLE Tallest Red [P5].

Tallest Purple [P5].

ALL WIGGLE YOUR ANTENNAE IN SALUTE FOR THE ALLKNOWING...ALLMIGHTY TALLLESTTTTT!!! a friend of mine asked for tallest red and purple for his game :]. they're B+W shorthair based and are kinda assholes. they have a white spot on their chests and i cant...figure out why?? if you wanna edit that out you can. [EDIT: these appear to be broken, as whenever you go to breed them through petzA it says you can't breed them even when they're adults, and when you close the game it gives you a resource error. no RAPR today :( ]